Parent Coaching

We give parents the tools they need as well!

If you are feeling frustrated by your child’s behaviors, struggling to find effective discipline methods, or just need some support and guidance in enhancing your confidence in your parenting abilities, PARENT COACHING can help!

Defiant children and frustrated parents do not make for a peaceful home. Whining, fighting with siblings, yelling and acting out can challenge the patience of any parent. Through Parent Coaching, we can help you find positive solutions to parenting troubles. including but not limited to:

Bedtime struggles, Tantrums, Potty Training, Defiance, Sibling Rivalry, and School/Peer issues, Divorce, Moving, Changing Schools, etc.

Parenting coaching sessions last about 45 minutes, and 4 sessions are recommended allowing time to practice and explore outcome of the skills learned.

 If your child is receiving play therapy from us, Play therapy works in collaboration with parents/caregivers to help fully support and understand the child and help rebuild the family relationship.

We generally meet parents/caregivers for 10 minutes at the beginning of every play therapy session and consider you a partner in the process.

You will be given support and tools on how to build the qualities and behaviors that you want for your child and support for those with which he/she currently struggles. Concerns of parents are addressed, and family sessions or individual parent therapy may be useful.